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Hopkins Cribs
Student life is all about the residence hall experience. Check out the special Hopkins Cribs entries on our student blogs for an overview of what to expect.

Freshman Year Housing Options

Alumni Memorial Residences (AMRs)

AMR I and II are traditional residence hall complexes on the Freshman Quad. Traditional single and double rooms are subdivided into "houses" that function as community groupings.

AMR II Clark (April 2011)—Kate T. (video only)

AMR I Willard (March 2011)—Nick G. (video only)

AMR II Baker (December 2010)—Lucie F. (video only)

AMR I Royce (April 2010)—Becca K. (blog with video)

AMR I Wilson (April 2010) –Sarah S. (blog with video)

AMR II Griffin (April 2010)—Tyler D. (blog with video)

AMR I Sylvester (April 2010)—Miranda B. (blog with video)

Buildings A & B

On the Freshman Quad, Buildings A and B contain three- and four-person single-sex suites (singles, doubles, or triples). Each suite has its own bathroom.

Building A, Room 310 (February 2011)—Marina G. (video only)

Building A, Room 402 (April 2010)—Cate W. (blog with video)

Building B, Room 406 (March 2009)—Dominique D. (blog with video)

McCoy and Wolman Halls

Located next to the Freshman Quad on N. Charles Street, McCoy and Wolman halls consist of three- and four-person single-sex suites, bathrooms and kitchenettes.

McCoy Hall, Room T09 (April 2011) – Sydney R. (video only)

Wolman Hall, Room 609 (December 2010)—Noah G. (video only)

McCoy Hall, Room T01 (April 2010) – Joe N. (blog with video)

Wolman Hall, Room 515 (March 2009)—Brian S. (blog with video)

Wolman Hall, Room 408 East (March 2009)—Wafa K. (blog with video)

Wolman Hall, Room 504B (March 2008)—Lauren C. (blogwith video)

Upperclassmen Housing Options

Charles Commons

Charles Commons, completed in the Fall of 2006, is comprised of two buildings connected by a glass bridge and offers the widest variety of amenities in campus housing. Designed to be a hub of student life, just over 600 residents enjoy suite style living within fully furnished two or four person units.

Charles Commons, Room 626 (March 2009)—Josh G. (blog with video)

Charles Commons, Room 612 (March 2009)—Mandy S. (blog with video)

Charles Commons, Room 1016 (March 2009)—Jessica K. (blog with video)

Charles Commons, Room 1016 (March 2009)—Lauren C. (blog with video)

Charles Commons, Room 1125 (March 2009)—Jackie M. (blog with video)

Bradford Apartments

The Bradford is located in Charles Village, just a block and a half east of campus. Students can choose from efficiencies, one, two, three or four bedroom apartments. Each room comes equipped with living rooms, full kitchens (includes fridge and oven) and baths.

Bradford Apartments, Room 709 (February 2007)—Michelle T. (blog only)

Homewood Apartments

Situated in the heart of Charles Village, the Homewood, our largest apartment building, accommodates the housing needs of 220 residents and offers the convenience of specialty shops and ideally located office space. Each apartment comes equipped with a full kitchen (includes fridge and oven), individually controlled heating and air-conditioning, wall-to-wall carpeting, pre-wiring for cable TV and other appliances.

Homewood Apartments, Room 525 (April 2010)—Dominique D. (blog with video)

Homewood Apartments, Room 516 (April 2010)—Wafa K. (blog with video)

Homewood Apartments, Room 605 (April 2010)—Kate F. (blog with video)

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