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Author Topic: Meet JHU_Lauren  (Read 3265 times)


  • Hopkins Alumni
Meet JHU_Lauren
« on: September 17, 2009, 02:16 pm »
Hey all!  My name is Lauren and I am a senior from Westmont, NJ, a small suburb right outside of Philadelphia.  I am double-majoring in Writing Seminars and Film & Media Studies.


Why Hopkins?

I chose to come to Hopkins for three major reasons.  First, it's Johns Hopkins - its reputation and my preconceived idea about the school was so positive that I felt proud to be able to represent that.  I would be learning among some of the brightest students in the world, would be taught by professors who are among the best in their fields.  I would be attending a school that had produced an almost unbelievable amount successful, intelligent, well-rounded students.  It was an amazing opportunity that I just could not pass up.  Second, I was given the Bloomberg Scholarship along with a few other fantastic scholarships and grants that actually made my enrollment possible: without them, there is no way I could have ever even thought about coming here.  And third, as soon as I visited campus for the first time, I felt at home.  It is a beautiful campus and, at the same time, isn't uptight like many other schools that have been in existence for so long and have so much to boast about.  Every person I met when I came here for my visit was friendly and welcoming and, when they told me about their experiences and answered my questions, they made me feel like they sincerely wanted me to enroll.  It just felt comfortable - it was easy to imagine spending the next four years here.  So that's where I ended up!


My Classes

FALL 2007
Introduction to Fiction and Poetry I
History of Occidental Civilization: The Medieval World
Advanced Intermediate French I
Subatomic World
Introduction to Literary Study
{a blog entry about these classes can be found here}

Introduction to Fiction and Poetry II
Renaissance Keywords
Advanced Intermediate French II
Theatre & Film: An Insider's Perspective
Fluid Earth
{blog entries about these classes can be found here and here}

FALL 2008
Introduction to Fiction
The Structure of English
Conversation et Composition Francais
19th Century British Novel
Introduction to Greek Philosophy
{a blog entry about these classes can be found here}

Writing the Screenplay
Intermediate Fiction: Narrative Voice
The Sense of Loss: 1900-1927
Shakespeare's Rome
Dance Revolution: Rethinking Post-War American Art
{a blog entry about these classes can be found here}

FALL 2009
Introduction to the Study of Film I
Intermediate Fiction: Contemporary American Fiction
Introduction to Film Production
Monuments and Memory
Introduction to Poetry Workshop
{a blog entry about these classes can be found here}

Theorizing Popular Culture
Intermediate Film Production
Sketching the Scene: Image as a Narrative Tool
Introduction to Human Prehistory
Readings in Fiction: The Novella
{a blog entry about these classes can be found here}

FALL 2010
Dance for the Camera
Introduction to Bioethics
The Actor in Hollywood
Advanced Fiction Workshop
Introduction to Dramatic Writing: Plays
Italian Elements I


My Extracurriculars

I've held many positions in Alpha Phi {most of them PR/event-planning related}, but my true favorite part of my Greek experience so far is easily all of the fantastic girls I've met.  Let me just say: I LOVE MY SORORITY.  I love my Alpha Phi family, I love the girls in my pledge class, I love meetings, I love the events we sponsor, I love the community service we do.  I love it all, and I can't imagine life at Hopkins being as fun and as happy if my sisters weren't a part of it.

Being on SAAB makes it possible for me to be a part of Hopkins Interactive .. without it, I wouldn't be typing this for you right now!  Our goal is to make the college search/application/college selection process as clear and easy as possible for prospective students.  We want to make sure you know exactly what Hopkins is and can be for you so that you make the right decision!

I work a LOT with the Admissions office!  In addition to helping make Hopkins Interactive run as smoothly as possible, I am also an Admissions Representative, which means I have been trained to give on-campus interviews to prospective/applying students.  I love doing both of these things because they offer yet another way to show off the school and to give you more information so that you can be best equipped to decide where to go to college.

Film Society plans film programming year-round that is open to both the Hopkins and Baltimore communities.  In the fall, we host several film series {this year, our theme is "Dante's In-film-o," so we're taking audiences through the seven circles of hell by showing movies related to each of the seven deadly sins} and in the spring we coordinate our very own weekend-long Johns Hopkins Film Fest, which is recognized throughout the entire city.  As head of publicity/marketing for Film Society, my job is to maintain campus relations and ultimately make people want to come to our events - which can be difficult sometimes, so we get creative!

Johns Hopkins is great because of, among other things, the fantastic resources they provide to help you get the most out of your academic experiences. I'm a tutor at our Writing Center, which offers tutors to undergraduates and graduate students for help writing essays, reports, personal statements for applications/jobs, and more.  I'm really excited to translate what I have learned about writing into something to help others with what otherwise can seem like a pretty daunting task - and hey, being paid for it isn't too bad either.

{Freshman year, I also used to write for the JHU News-Letter's Calendar and Events section, which helps keep the student body updated on exciting concerts, plays, and other events happening around Baltimore.}


My Dorm Life

As a freshman, I lived in Wolman Hall. Sharing a kitchenette and a bathroom/shower with only three other girls -- and the luxury of having air conditioning -- made for a great year!  It was so convenient, and was a great way to start developing my "living on my own" independence skills.  As a sophomore, I lived in Charles Commons.  I had a single bedroom {the other bedroom in my suite was lived in by JHU_Jessica!} that was on the 10th floor and looked out over all of Baltimore towards the Inner Harbor.  It was so comfortable there once I had decorated and made it my own -- it was really nice to have a place to come back to at the end of the day that felt like a home.  It's also very nice to have air conditioning, a kitchen, and a bathroom all in the suite, and a workout room, study rooms, a common kitchen, a pingpong table, Nolan's {which serves dinner and is on our meal plans}, a mailroom, music rooms, a ballroom, and more, all in one building.

As an upperclassman, I live off campus in an apartment across from our lacrosse field. I love my apartment and my roommate...I couldn't ask for a better experience!

{Watch my Cribs videos to see what my rooms and suites looked like!}
- Freshman Year - Wolman Hall 504B
- Sophomore Year - Charles Commons 1016
- Junior Year - Off Campus, Apt 3E


Follow Me

- read my blog: http://blogs.hopkins-interactive.com/lauren.
- see my profile: http://apply.jhu.edu/studentlife/meet_laurenc.html.

Feel free to ask any and all questions you have!
lauren *

"Leave something good in every day."


  • Hopkins Alumni
Meet JHU_Lauren - Westmont, NJ
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2009, 03:47 pm »
Archived Questions/Answers --
I have a quick question about the JHU Film Society. Is it open to everyone or are there certain requirements that you need to meet to be part of it?
Thanks for your question! The JHU Film Society is open to anybody at all that wants to come and join. All you have to do is enjoy watching and discussing movies! You'll get more information at the beginning of year {through the emailed JHU Today's Announcements and at the Student Activities Fair} about meeting times and places.  There are a lot of alternative ways to contribute too, aside from just coming to meetings - we always need help with:

- setting up for our weekly screenings in the fall
- publicizing all of our events with fliers, mural boards, Facebook events, etc.
- getting local businesses to advertise in our Film Fest program/Frame of Reference journal
- staffing our Film Fest in the spring {ushers, door people, ticket people, etc.}
- getting submissions/writing submissions for our film journal

So basically, once you get here all you have to do is get in contact with anyone on Film Society to join the email list and get all the info!

okay another question for you.
lauren *

"Leave something good in every day."


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Meet JHU_Lauren - Westmont, NJ
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2010, 11:33 am »
Hi!  I am considering coming to Hopkins next year, and double majoring in Writing Seminars and Global and Environmental Sustainability.  It looks like both these majors have a lot of required classes-is it possible to take all of them in four years??


  • Hopkins Alumni
Meet JHU_Lauren - Westmont, NJ
« Reply #3 on: April 12, 2010, 09:28 pm »
Quote from: "RachelWitkin24"
lauren *

"Leave something good in every day."