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Academics: The Insider Perspective / Music
« on: May 07, 2010, 05:29 am »
Thank you very much!

More questions, this time about the Peabody cross-registration form:

1)  It asks for a local mailing address and phone, which I won't have until my dorm is assigned.  What should I write there?

2)  There's room to list "instructor" for the lessons/course/ensemble.  Does that need to be filled out, or is it okay to leave it blank?

3)  It says the form has to be sent in "during the summer".  Does that mean it can't be sent in until the summer?  Is there a specific deadline for when it can be sent in?

Academics: The Insider Perspective / Music
« on: April 28, 2010, 02:24 pm »
Is there a way to register for music lessons online?  The instructions I found seemed to suggest that I need to mail a physical letter to do it - I didn't know that was still done.  Since I'm coming from Israel, anything involving mail is long and cumbersome.  If online registration isn't available, is there perhaps a way to fax it instead?

Academics: The Insider Perspective / Music
« on: April 08, 2010, 11:28 am »
1)  I couldn't find information about the music minor online.  The Krieger site linked me to Peabody, and the Peabody site directed me back to the Krieger site.  What exactly does the music minor involve?  Is it mostly performance or theory based?

2)  Regarding music lessons.  How good do you have to be to be accepted to them?  Is it easier to get lessons for rarer instruments?  I've been playing harp through private lessons on and off for five years, and I definitely want to continue if possible, but I'm not that good - I estimate the equivalent of Grade 5 or so (not that I've ever taken a formal test).
Also, when do you have to register for music lessons?  Does it have to be done before the semester starts?

3)  How competitive are musical opportunities at Homewood?  Do you have to be very good to get into an ensemble, or is it reasonably inclusive?

Thanks in advance.

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